Tuesday, September 22, 2015

My speech!!!

Children should be paid to go to school
I’m Jakob
And I’m here not just to tell what I think but to persuade you teachers to pay children to go to school.

Firstly children do lot a of work at school right? Think about it. But the amount  of money that the children get depends on the amount of work they have done so if they have done lots of work they would get about $35 every 3 days but if they did not and you worked so hard you would get about $15 every 3 days.

And for this matter children could pay bills at home and save up for their future. And this would make the kids work harder which will give them a good education which means a good life.

Thank you very much for lending me your ears.   

Friday, September 18, 2015

Dan Cater


  1. Dan Carter is a New Zealand rugby union player. Carter plays for the the Canterbury Crusaders and New Zealand's national team the All Blacks.

  1. Full name- Daniel William Carter

  1. Position fly-half / inside center

  1. Number in the All Blacks-10

  1. Number in the Crusaders-10

  1. Carter plays for the the Canterbury Crusaders and New Zealand's national team the All Blacks.

  1. Born: March 5, 1982 (age 33), southbridge
  2. Height: 1.78 m
  3. Weight: 94 kg
  4. Spouse: Honor Carter (m. 2011)
  5. Children: Marco James Carter
  6. Siblings: Sarah capter

Images of Dan Carter

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Ghost house

ghost house.jpg
There in front of me stood an old abandoned house rotting and I got to say it looked pretty haunted to me.

So I started walking up to the house and as I did I was so scared I almost fainted. I could See the cracked walls, and the deck looked like a mouth. don’t even say a word about those trees don’t they just look like colossal arms. What was that was that was that what I think it was on it wasn’t it was just a bird. Just then I gazed up at the rotting house, my eyes almost started bleeding because of the houses horror. I slowly walked up to the house a little bit more, suddenly the door smashed open and red carpet looking like a tongue grabbed hold of me and pulled into the abandoned house.



The story Ended

until the house next victim arrives.

England attempts the Haka

No way your kidding me that's not a Haka that's a Hakarena. Oh I get it their just trying to put us off, yeah their trying to put us off.  But I think their really making a fool of themselves you really have to watch this crack up video and comment about what you think. Do you feel like it is rude or do you think their making fun of themselves. 
Here's the link England attempts the Haka

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Facts About Astronauts

  1. An astronaut or cosmonaut is a person trained by a spaceflight program to lead, pilot or be a crew member of an expedition to space on a spacecraft.

  1. The word "astronaut” comes from the Greek words astron, which means "star", and nautes, which means "sailor".

  1. The first man to ever step foot on the moon was Neil Armstrong on 20th July 1969.

  1. Neil Armstrong landed from the Eagle lunar landing module from Apollo 11.
  1.    People sent animals into space to see if it was safe for people to go into space.

  1. The first animal in space was a dog.

  1. Russian astronauts are called cosmonauts.

  1. The first woman who went into space went in 1963 and her name was Valentina Tereshkova.

  1. There are 6 people in space now. The people in space now are Scott Kelly from U.S.A and he is a flight engineer and has had  128 days in space, Mikhail Kornienko from Russia is a flight engineer and he has had 128 days in space, Gennady Padalka from Russia is a commander with 128 days in space. The other three people have only been in space for 11 days, their names are Kjell Lindgren, Oleg Kononenko, Kimiya Yui and they all flight engineer.

Here is a Astronaut

Ride Of Passage

here is an emanation of Ride of passage Ride of passage   

Once there lived three warriors they went hunting one day. One caught a snake, the other caught a monkey and the last caught a tiger and one by one they cut off the animals heads. After they had done that the three warriors put the animals on their heads and returned back to the village. When the three warriors returned to the village the people saw them and bowed with owner and made the one with the tiger on his head their king.

5 years later

The king sent 2 big and powerful warriors and 1 small and not so powerful kid to go hunting for their animal heads. So they ran off into the jungle suddenly the little kid jump out of a bush with a big spare. He sighed all he had got was a little lizard so he put the lizard on his head and frowned suddenly a monkey grabbed the lizard off his head and started running away. After about 5 seconds later Toki started running after the monkey suddenly Toki fell over and the monkey started climbing up a tree suddenly the monkey diciped. Toki got up and started looking around suddenly a big purple chameleon appeared behind Toki turned around and his mouth  dropped like a bomb. Toki started walking back, just then the chameleon throw up the little lizard and the monkey, but Toki didn’t even look at the monkey or the lizard Toki was amazed about the huge chameleon standing right there in front of him.

The chameleon picked up the little lizard and trend green and then put him down just then Toki pick the little lizard up and put him in his pocket. Toki went to touch the chameleon but poked him in the eye and for a split second the chameleon trend orange Toki looked up and smiled just then the chameleon rapped its big green and put Toki on his back. The chameleon started running just then the chameleon shot his tongue out and grabbed a bird then gave the bird to Toki he put the on his head out goes the tongue in comes a monkey, off goes the bird on goes the monkey out goes the tung in comes a crocodile off goes the monkey on goes the crocodile suddenly a little bird stop them and told them to go away the chameleon and Toki looked at each other and the chameleon started to go around the bird and the and then the chameleon started running away out goes the tongue in comes a bear off goes the crocodile on goes the bear out goes the tung in comes a tiger off goes the bear on goes the tiger out goes the tongue in goes a elephant off goes the tiger on goes the elephant just then the chameleon jumped up in the air and started falling down dan! dan! dan!

But suddenly the chameleon fell into a big trap just then Toki heard loud footsteps from the other two warriors, then Toki looked up at the big chameleon and then picked up his knife and cut down the the big trap. Toki went to cut the big chameleon out of the trap but then Toki stopped and thought what if he killed the chameleon then Toki would become king Toki shook his head and cut the chameleon out. By the time the other two warriors arrived Toki and the chameleon were gone but all the other animals were still there when the other 2 warriors arrived, they were so amazed. Toki was hiding in a bush. When Toki got out of the bush he got the little lizard out of his pocket and put him on the ground and just then the chameleon appeared behind him and raped his big green tail around Toki and put Toki on his back and the road away into the jungle.
king Crab

  1. King Crabs are also called stone crabs and are a super family.
  2. There are 3 types of King Crabs Golden King Crab, Blue King Crab and Red King Crab.
  3. Facts About Golden King Crab
  • Caught in the waters surrounding the Aleutian chain.
  • Their shells are golden-orange in colour.
  • Golden King Crab are the smallest of the three main species.
4.   Facts About Red King Crab      
  • Caught in the waters of Bristol Bay and Norton Sound.
  • Alive, Red King Crab are actually a dark burgundy in colour.
5.  Facts about Blue King Crab
  • Caught in Alaska near St. Matthew Island and the Pribilof Islands.
  • Blue King Crab are brown with royal blue highlights.

The White Kiwi
Is that a kiwi ?

What is a kiwi
The White Kiwi is one of most endangered birds in New Zealand, because of its predators which include stoats,wild cats,ferrets and much more.

The White Kiwis favorite food are eels,seeds,worms and fruit.

The White Kiwi can’t fly because its wings are too small and the White Kiwi is also related to a type of flightless bird.

A White Kiwi is a beautiful bird with an amazing chirp.

By: Jakob Withnall  



Matariki is the Maori name for the cluster of stars also known as the Pleiades. It rises in midwinter  late May or early June. For many Maori, it heralds the start of a new year. Matariki literally means the 'eyes of god' (Matariki) or 'little eyes' Matariki. Matariki is also the Maori new year.cooltext122789071038469.png
Tribal celebration
Kapa haka

                       The Names of these stars are Waiti
   Waita, Tupu-a-nuku, Tupu-a-rangi,            

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Inquiry Art

This visual piece  shows the  amazing Takahe in it’s natural habitat, the mountains. As you can see this bird has an amazing blue color. Above that you can see that I’ve done a white snowy mountain going
right up to the top. You can also see I have done a nice dark blue that represents a cold dark night and just below that as you can see I have done 3 korus that represent Te Mata Peak, the birds mountain.  

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Marshmallow Monster

Once upon time at Camp Sunshine it was a cold, windy night. A little boy scout was roasting his delicious marshmallows, with not a clue of the beast creeping up behind him. Just then the boy heard a gentle thud. The little boy was hoping it was a little cricket, but deep down inside he knew it wasn’t  an animal but a giant beast.

The boy carefully turned around and suddenly saw a colossal, green, scaly beast the boy closed his eyes and put his stick in front of himself for protection. The river beast snatched the marshmallow off the stick and gobbled it up with its razor sharp teeth. I was so terrified I almost fainted, but just as I was about to I went to my happy place ponies, butterflies, people getting their heads chopped off, dragons killing millions of people, man I love my happy place.

I blinked my eyes two times and saw the ferocious beast, again what a bummer worst day ever. But this time when I looked at the beast he had lost his red devil hounds and his skin was no longer green and scaly. It was pink and soft. I reached into the bag but there were no more! I looked at the soft and cuddly monster and suddenly… Will I survive?                       

Friday, August 21, 2015

Parkvale School

Is Parkvale School the school for your child?

School History
Parkvale school was made in 1918 and has been around for 97 years.

Parkvale School is found in the sunny Hawkes area. On Howard street Hastings.

Parkvale School gives every student endless opportunities like school camps, Weetbix tryathlon, School trips, sports, Drama class and lots more. The best thing is that you don’t have to do any of them.

Parkale School has 3 transition rooms 5,6 and 7. The kids in these rooms say learning is the best and this is the best school ever. And their learning is great. They also have some good fun every now and then but they are still learning.


Parkvale school is a safe environment with some of the best teachers in the world.                

Advertisement - Parkour Pet


Inquiry - My Artist Vince Harder


Is that Vince Harder?

Vince Harder is an amazing singer with an amazing voice. Here are my three favorite songs by Vince Harder Far From Here, Say This With Me and Shot Me Down each and everyone of these songs include Vince Harders amazing voice.

Paragraph 1
In 2005 Vince Harder came third in the Australian X Factor, betting over 100,000 people who auditioned to get a spot in the X factor finals. Vince Harder also played simba in the Australian production The Lion King.

Paragraph 2
Vince Harder has worked with lots of different of musicians around the world in cluding P-Money, Stan Walker, Peter T and Titanium the band Here are the songs that they have done together

Paragraph 3
Vince Harder makes songs that have a variety of music styles. Garners Vince Harder is known for are: Pop music,Rhythm and Blues.  


Vince Harder is a amazing New Zealand singer with a beautiful voice. I hope you have learnt a thing or two about Vince Harder.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

We Need Longer Weekends

Dear MR G                                             
3rd august
Hastings Howard st
Hawkes Bay

I think that we should start the school day a bit earlier and end the week later by minusing a whole other day. Here are the hours and times 7:45 -- 4:00. If this happens it leaves us with a whole day for us to spend more time with our families. But not just for us for You (Mr G) and the teachers to have another day to plan for the next week.

Firstly the teachers and us students get a day off. That means that the teachers get a day to plan for the next week. This will be an amazing opportunity for the kids to have another spare day off to maybe finish their homework if they have not finished it they could also go to their friends, and have some fun. but we are not just thinking about ourselves we are thinking about You Mr G

Secondly If kids have sport we don’t have to rush to where we are playing like at the park or their friends house. We can just go home have a little snack get changed for spots if we need to, And still have time to play and have fun. And last of all we can spend time with our friends and family and if your children or grandchildren have sport you can go watch them.

Thirdly we get more time to get out in the fresh air and get time to practice our sports. And enjoy the clean and beautiful Hawke's bay fresh air with their best friends and have a good time playing around the neighborhood. With that one less school day and longer days we could change the world for the better.

After reading this I hope you think that my idea is a good idea and that you reply to my piece of writing.

Your sincerely

Jakob Withnall  

Friday, May 29, 2015



Meet Super Skull.
Super Skulls real name is Jakob Withnall, but people call him Skull.Skull works for X-men.His costume is black,red and made out of steel.Skull travels in his rock solid flying car called the steelmobil. Skull came from the planet Krypton which is a planet from beyond the stars.Skull is actually a cyborg and Skull also has super powers,and they are he can fly as high as satellite,as straight as an arrow and as fast as lightning.He can also shoot lasers out of his eyes.Super Skull can also draw blades from his knuckles and he can shoot red beams out of his hands.
OK lets cut to the chase.Doctor Doom has been destroying Jump city.But not on my watch!Swing,Swoosh,boom! As I arrived in Jump city.I can hear the helpless people of Jump city screeching and screaming for their lives but I could just see them... suddenly I saw Doctor Doom terising the people of Jump city.AS I zoom into action I've been blasted with a rocket in the face by Doctor Doom!I shouted”OK that's it come at me you big baby boo because you've just made me mad and you don’t want to be around when I’m mad”Suddenly I fired ten miles at Doctor Doom and blasted him into sunny side beach.I followed that metal man until I smashed him into the water.I dived down into the water and grabbed Doctor Doom and pulled him right out of the water and chucked him in the slammer.

THE END!     

Friday, March 6, 2015



           This is my world cloud all about me.

Here is the website that you go on to do your world cloud.

  • First write down all the things you want  people to know about you.
  • Then once you have finish that scroll down until you see a red and white play button (peers it).
  •  Once you have done that on the screen you will see all of your words come up.
  • Now if you think you want to change the font just scroll up and you will find the different types of fonts.
  • If you want to change your fonts just put them in.
  • And once you have done all of that you should be done.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


                                                        MARVEL CREATE YOUR SUPER HERO INSTRUCTIONS http://marvel.com/games/play/31/create your_own_superhero
  1. Pick a body.
  2. Style your Super hero in any way you what.
  3. After lat go down to the Accessory where you find the worlds.
  • Hand. items
  • Tail.
  • Belt.
  • Back
  • back.
  • Logo.
  • Glasses.
  • Neck wear.
  • Background.
    6.Go down one by one putting them in.
    7.now its time to color in.
   8.Now its time to do your super heroes name.
   9.And finally this what they look like.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Highlight of my summer

The highlight of my Summer was going to Splash planet with my family. But the best part was having a blast together as a family.