Friday, May 29, 2015



Meet Super Skull.
Super Skulls real name is Jakob Withnall, but people call him Skull.Skull works for X-men.His costume is black,red and made out of steel.Skull travels in his rock solid flying car called the steelmobil. Skull came from the planet Krypton which is a planet from beyond the stars.Skull is actually a cyborg and Skull also has super powers,and they are he can fly as high as satellite,as straight as an arrow and as fast as lightning.He can also shoot lasers out of his eyes.Super Skull can also draw blades from his knuckles and he can shoot red beams out of his hands.
OK lets cut to the chase.Doctor Doom has been destroying Jump city.But not on my watch!Swing,Swoosh,boom! As I arrived in Jump city.I can hear the helpless people of Jump city screeching and screaming for their lives but I could just see them... suddenly I saw Doctor Doom terising the people of Jump city.AS I zoom into action I've been blasted with a rocket in the face by Doctor Doom!I shouted”OK that's it come at me you big baby boo because you've just made me mad and you don’t want to be around when I’m mad”Suddenly I fired ten miles at Doctor Doom and blasted him into sunny side beach.I followed that metal man until I smashed him into the water.I dived down into the water and grabbed Doctor Doom and pulled him right out of the water and chucked him in the slammer.

THE END!     

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