Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Ride Of Passage

here is an emanation of Ride of passage Ride of passage   

Once there lived three warriors they went hunting one day. One caught a snake, the other caught a monkey and the last caught a tiger and one by one they cut off the animals heads. After they had done that the three warriors put the animals on their heads and returned back to the village. When the three warriors returned to the village the people saw them and bowed with owner and made the one with the tiger on his head their king.

5 years later

The king sent 2 big and powerful warriors and 1 small and not so powerful kid to go hunting for their animal heads. So they ran off into the jungle suddenly the little kid jump out of a bush with a big spare. He sighed all he had got was a little lizard so he put the lizard on his head and frowned suddenly a monkey grabbed the lizard off his head and started running away. After about 5 seconds later Toki started running after the monkey suddenly Toki fell over and the monkey started climbing up a tree suddenly the monkey diciped. Toki got up and started looking around suddenly a big purple chameleon appeared behind Toki turned around and his mouth  dropped like a bomb. Toki started walking back, just then the chameleon throw up the little lizard and the monkey, but Toki didn’t even look at the monkey or the lizard Toki was amazed about the huge chameleon standing right there in front of him.

The chameleon picked up the little lizard and trend green and then put him down just then Toki pick the little lizard up and put him in his pocket. Toki went to touch the chameleon but poked him in the eye and for a split second the chameleon trend orange Toki looked up and smiled just then the chameleon rapped its big green and put Toki on his back. The chameleon started running just then the chameleon shot his tongue out and grabbed a bird then gave the bird to Toki he put the on his head out goes the tongue in comes a monkey, off goes the bird on goes the monkey out goes the tung in comes a crocodile off goes the monkey on goes the crocodile suddenly a little bird stop them and told them to go away the chameleon and Toki looked at each other and the chameleon started to go around the bird and the and then the chameleon started running away out goes the tongue in comes a bear off goes the crocodile on goes the bear out goes the tung in comes a tiger off goes the bear on goes the tiger out goes the tongue in goes a elephant off goes the tiger on goes the elephant just then the chameleon jumped up in the air and started falling down dan! dan! dan!

But suddenly the chameleon fell into a big trap just then Toki heard loud footsteps from the other two warriors, then Toki looked up at the big chameleon and then picked up his knife and cut down the the big trap. Toki went to cut the big chameleon out of the trap but then Toki stopped and thought what if he killed the chameleon then Toki would become king Toki shook his head and cut the chameleon out. By the time the other two warriors arrived Toki and the chameleon were gone but all the other animals were still there when the other 2 warriors arrived, they were so amazed. Toki was hiding in a bush. When Toki got out of the bush he got the little lizard out of his pocket and put him on the ground and just then the chameleon appeared behind him and raped his big green tail around Toki and put Toki on his back and the road away into the jungle.

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