Monday, June 19, 2017

How to make slime

½ a cup of PVA glue.
½ a cup of water.
Food colouring.
File:Pouring Slime.JPG - Wikimedia Commons½ + ⅙ of a cup of hot water.
2 teaspoons of borax.
2 bowls.


Pour your ½ a cup of glue into a big bowl. Now get your food colouring and use 8-10 drops of it. Remember the colour you put in is the colour that your slime will turn out as. Now add ½ a cup of water of your glue mixture. Next get another big bowl and pour ½ + ⅙ of a cup of hot water into the bowl. Now add 2 teaspoons of borax to the hot water and store it until the borax is 100% dissolved. Now finally pour your glue mixture into the bowl with the borax in it and now you have some amazing slime that you can play all day with.


  1. WoW! Awesome work Jakob, I love how you even added a photo! I might make some tonight!!!Kai Pai Jakob!

  2. Well done Jakob I like your description :)

  3. Well done Jakob that is awesome

    i think i will have to try and make that