Wednesday, May 31, 2017

HBHS Performance


You did an amazing performance at your school today. I was shock to see how incredible you were. Your voices were pitch perfect and I'm 100% sure that the whole school loved it and thought that it was an amazing performance.

The Kapa Haka boys did a wonderful job in all of their songs they sounded amazing . When they performed their Haka could hear the mana in their voices they sounded so strong, proud, and brave.

The Pasifika boys sounded did an amazing job with pitch perfect voices and I wish that I could have a voice as good and as amazing as theirs. It was really cool how they got everyone involved.

Your Sincerely
Jakob Withnall

Thursday, May 11, 2017

My Autumn

My Autumn

IMG_1982.JPGIn Autumn I feel the cold breeze at night .In Autumn I see leaves raining from the trees and lightly touching the ground. The leaves with there amazing numbers of colours. In Autumn I hear the fire sparking to keep the house warm. I’m now wearing more clothes than in summer because it helps me stay nice and warm. The nights and the mornings are now freezing cold and it is no longer daylight savings. This is my Autumn.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Cyclone Cook

I was getting into bed. Everyone the house was still going on about Cook. I didn't know why though nothing has happened yet, well except all the wind and loud waves on the beach. I was just about to fall asleep but instead I heard a loud snap that was shortly followed by a big bang. A tree had just fallen on my room.

I briskly walked out of my room to tell mum. She was standing at the top of the stairs talking to my brother Oliver. I nervously Told her that a tree had just fallen in my room. She responded with ok in order that everyone goes down stairs and to and sleeps on the matress set up in dad and mums room. My brothers Louie and Oliver were starting to get very worried, because the storm was building up. Because my two younger brothers were starting to feel scared, I had to help them stay calm by telling them that everything was ok. By helping my brother's stay calm, it also so help me keep the house a little bit more calm.

It also help me stay brave in the storm, and also helped all of us get to sleep because the house was more calm.The next morning I woke up and saw a huge tree in the driveway. This made me very angry because my dad can’t get the mower down the driveway and the grass would get taller and we can't play anymore cricket. The wind that we had in the storm knocked over the tree which smash the fence.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Our Rap

I liked the holidays cause I have my birthday, it was really cool seeing the boys at the party. Seeing them was o so cool now over to my boy Nehemiah.
The other day in the holidays I was playing in the 11th grade smash everyone with a scader step. Now to my boy Benji.
I like the holidays cause you get to go to the movies and play videogames.
I like going to taupo going to the pools at the end of the day playing all the time on the obstacle course falling in the water every five minutes now over to Charlie.
Open the door to the wild house owned by doc now all we have to do is join the flock. Now back to my boy Jakob.

Lauryn had a birthday, Halo went to the movies, Rain went fishing, Sienna went to shine falls, and millie went to rainbowed, wait a minute we can’t forget paris he went to the sky tower and bungee jumped. ❌ WINGS OUT!!!.