Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Marshmallow Monster

Once upon time at Camp Sunshine it was a cold, windy night. A little boy scout was roasting his delicious marshmallows, with not a clue of the beast creeping up behind him. Just then the boy heard a gentle thud. The little boy was hoping it was a little cricket, but deep down inside he knew it wasn’t  an animal but a giant beast.

The boy carefully turned around and suddenly saw a colossal, green, scaly beast the boy closed his eyes and put his stick in front of himself for protection. The river beast snatched the marshmallow off the stick and gobbled it up with its razor sharp teeth. I was so terrified I almost fainted, but just as I was about to I went to my happy place ponies, butterflies, people getting their heads chopped off, dragons killing millions of people, man I love my happy place.

I blinked my eyes two times and saw the ferocious beast, again what a bummer worst day ever. But this time when I looked at the beast he had lost his red devil hounds and his skin was no longer green and scaly. It was pink and soft. I reached into the bag but there were no more! I looked at the soft and cuddly monster and suddenly… Will I survive?                       


  1. That is a piece writing jakob!!

  2. That is a piece writing jakob!!

  3. grate post.the monster shapeshifted that was a good idea.I think you will be hugged to death