Thursday, September 17, 2015

Ghost house

ghost house.jpg
There in front of me stood an old abandoned house rotting and I got to say it looked pretty haunted to me.

So I started walking up to the house and as I did I was so scared I almost fainted. I could See the cracked walls, and the deck looked like a mouth. don’t even say a word about those trees don’t they just look like colossal arms. What was that was that was that what I think it was on it wasn’t it was just a bird. Just then I gazed up at the rotting house, my eyes almost started bleeding because of the houses horror. I slowly walked up to the house a little bit more, suddenly the door smashed open and red carpet looking like a tongue grabbed hold of me and pulled into the abandoned house.



The story Ended

until the house next victim arrives.


  1. I think that that story was great, even though it sounded like the movie, monster house. Nice work Jakob. keep it up.
    P.S I was really scary and I liked how described it.

  2. SrErY looks like ill be night mers after reding your sceary post