Monday, April 3, 2017

Clifton County Cricket Club

The Clifton Cricket Club ground is a spectacular area that comes off groden road te awanga. It’s an artificial pitch that has a medium bounce to it.

The area surrounding the pitch a gorgeous sight to see, with huge  hills act like a grandstand that you can get the best view of the pitch.

But it’s not just hills there also extraordinary farmland that includes fields filled with sheep, that sometimes are allowed on the hills surrounding the pitch. But still not there also spectacular swampy wetlands that 100% fit in with gorgeous areas that are around the pitch.

This is my favorite place in Hawke's Bay because it is in the best location ever with amazing sights to see.


  1. Wow Jakob! I love the great describing that you put in your writing! that place looks really cool! Keep up the great work Jakob!

  2. i liked your discribing jakob it was great