Monday, May 8, 2017

Cyclone Cook

I was getting into bed. Everyone the house was still going on about Cook. I didn't know why though nothing has happened yet, well except all the wind and loud waves on the beach. I was just about to fall asleep but instead I heard a loud snap that was shortly followed by a big bang. A tree had just fallen on my room.

I briskly walked out of my room to tell mum. She was standing at the top of the stairs talking to my brother Oliver. I nervously Told her that a tree had just fallen in my room. She responded with ok in order that everyone goes down stairs and to and sleeps on the matress set up in dad and mums room. My brothers Louie and Oliver were starting to get very worried, because the storm was building up. Because my two younger brothers were starting to feel scared, I had to help them stay calm by telling them that everything was ok. By helping my brother's stay calm, it also so help me keep the house a little bit more calm.

It also help me stay brave in the storm, and also helped all of us get to sleep because the house was more calm.The next morning I woke up and saw a huge tree in the driveway. This made me very angry because my dad can’t get the mower down the driveway and the grass would get taller and we can't play anymore cricket. The wind that we had in the storm knocked over the tree which smash the fence.

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  1. I can really see that picture in my head, What an amazing piece of writing!Awesome detail, information and good job putting them into paragraphs!