Monday, June 19, 2017

Maori Hand Games

Last Thursday I went to Maori hand games in the hall. it was a very fun experience because it was it was cool challenge.

It was a fun because I din't think it would be fun because I all ready done this for 2 years. But it was a challenge because Sklya had been doing it for the same amount of years. So we set our self's a challenge to see who was better at each activity by racing each other.

I really enjoyed plying e hipitoitoi and hai tama to tama with Nehe. It was fun because Nehe is really good at e hipe toy toy and hai tama to tama and he gave me a real challenge because he would all ways bet me.

Maori hand games is a really experience, and sould be incurred to do more off ten in New Zealand.

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