Friday, June 24, 2016

The Monster of the Bush

I never knew what happened the beast came and picked us one by one. I was so scared and that’s when I realised that I would be next, to have the daggers in my bones. I knew it would happen but I never knew when. I was so dreading to know when the beast would strike once more.

Soon it started to blur into pitch black night. Suddenly I felt one but two but three drops of rain on my damp nose. I looked up it was pouring down. I had to find shelter and fast because the rains not the only thing that I’m worried about. Bom bom bom!!! “Yes!” the lightning shone a light for me to get a single glimpse of a old oak tree. I rush over to the old tree as fast as I could because if I can’t get shelter I know one mythical beast that will be out for me. I arrived at the oak tree but !!!

Giant-Haasts-Eagle.jpgI suddenly see more than a dozen mice scuttling towards me but I could see it in their eyes they were scared out of their minds I knew it the beast was back. I heard the call of the big monster. I gazed up and see the beast taking flight right above me and I knew that the end was near. The beast dives straight down with all his might and snatches the deer right off the very soil that we stand on this day. With a single touch the beasts clause immediately kill the deer. So I realised that this was the end of my story. A beautiful but scary hasst Eagle. The giant Hasst's Eagle perched down right under where I was. So I jump on it’s feathery back and rowed it to tomorrow.                              

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